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About Pink Punky Monkey.

Hello and welcome back to my Blog.

So today I thought I would write a little about who I am and where Pink Punky Monkey came from.

So lets go...

This is me... My name Is Sharon and I am a mum of Two who lives in Darwen, England with My partner Neil and my two children, Brody (8) and Willow (4).

I am originally from Manchester but moved to Darwen 4 years ago.

I have always loved crafting and stationery and enjoy many different crafts including, drawing, painting, crochet, jewellery making etc.

As COVID - 19 hit the world, I had just started applying for jobs to get back to work after having my children. My youngest was getting ready to start reception so I thought it was the perfect time to get back out there.

So when COVID hit and lockdowns begun, I thought why not start my own business. I had sold crafts before here and there and done craft fairs across Manchester but decided it was time to commit to my passions... Stationery and Art.

So within the month I had wrote a business plan, applied for funding and set up the website you have visited today.

Its still a work in progress but I am committed to make the best website I can and sauce the best supplies.

I hope that helps with who I am and where Pink Punky Monkey came from.

Thank you for reading and Joining me on this wonderful venture.

I hope you have a great day,


Pink Punky Monkey x

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